Meet our team

With over 15 years of experience in school marketing and consultancy we have figured a thing or two about schools and their technology requirements.

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About Us

For the past 15+ years we've been delivering technological solutions for over 50 schools across Australia.

It's hard to squeeze that many years into a single page, but here are some of the things we've been working on and are still delivering every day.


Since 2004, our team has been working with Australian schools on marketing material, administration tools, communications and more.

We have built numerous websites out of which 8 have received marketing awards. One of our latest websites is St Vincent's College at Potts Point. It was launched in February 2019. We also built Knox Grammar School, Sydney Grammar School, Ravenswood and OLMC Parramatta websites, to name a few.

School portals

We have built 8 powerful school portals. These are custom built intranets which are integrated with the schools' Active Directory (ADFS, Azure, Cloudwork) and provide access to staff, students and parents. Most are also integrated with school management systems, such as Maze, Edumate, Edval etc. and push and pull data between these systems and automate their existing processes and communications.

There are too many features to list them all here, but some include:

  • Online school enrolments - read more on our features page.
  • Student and staff daily notices - segmented by AD groups.
  • School calendar - containing all school events and personal timetables (dependant on data availability).
  • Event management - used by staff to request events such as excursions and sporting events, which go through approval steps and collect info about catering, ICT and maintenance needs.
  • Room changes, staff changes, yard duty etc.
  • Student medical information collection - allows parents to log in and update their children's medical info which is pushed to school management system e.g. "ST" table in Maze.
  • Student reports - allows teachers to publish student reports using tools far superior to what current tools can offer e.g. Maze and their "STAH" table.
  • Resources module - it's a collection of all links, documents, videos, image, files etc. that staff access on regular basis.
  • Some other custom modules are leave forms, debating, timetables, student challenges, canteen menus, job postings, bus management and the list goes on.

SendHQ - School communications

We have a purpose built communications tool which handles all bulk emailing for parents, staff and students, weekly news articles bundled into regular issues, beautifully designed news centre page and more.

Mailing lists are automatically synced with school management systems and contacts can be segmented by any number of attributes, such as year, sport, subjects etc.

Sports Fixtures Management

We have a dedicated tool for managing weekly sport fixtures between schools and internally. Parents get SMS messages and emails when cancellations or change of venue happens. Our APIs enable display of these on websites and the ease of data entry makes setting up fixtures a breeze. Plus a lot more.


It seems that over the years we have managed to integrate everything with anything. No kidding. Mario is still figuring out how to get some data from a kitchen sink. Wish him luck!

Meet our team

We have an awesome team of professionals who love good food, charcoal BBQs, coffee squeezed at 12 psi and craft beer. For a serious description you can read bios below.

Mark Barrett

Managing Director

Mark has 15+ years of experience in marketing and design and is the founder of CIMarketing™. Mark holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and has worked in advertising agencies and for global brands. Mark joined forces with Eddy and Mario in 2014 and the relationship has never been stronger.

Eddy Chan

Product Manager

Eddy was part of the original Business Catalyst team when it got acquired by Adobe Inc. in 2009. After working as a project manager at Adobe for 3 years Eddy left the company and co-founded a web development agency specialising in custom web solutions. He joined forces with Mark in 2014.

Kenton Gribble

Design / UX

Kenton has 12 years of print and web design experience. He studied design at The Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. Kenton's responsible for some of the best sites in education sector.

June Chen

Support Manager

June's responsible for managing our communications and support. She stays on top of everything, knows all our clients personally, and has the warmest smile you can imagine.

Mario Gudelj

Full-stack Developer

Mario's destiny has been tied to Eddy's since 2007. He ended up in Adobe after Business Catalyst got acquired, left after 3 years to start a web development business with Eddy and since has worked on hundreds of web applications for the school sector.

Ben Napper

Full-Stack Developer

Ben's been working on school websites and web applications for the past 5 years. He's responsible for some of the most complex school portals, beautiful sites and insane integrations.

Konstantin Alekseev

Full-Stack Developer

Konstantin is an absolute guru when it comes to web development. You just have to see the beauty of his code and the code test coverage to appreciate his talent.

Kailash Choudary

Front-End Developer

Kailash has been responsible for all of the nicest front-end code you see on our school websites. He keeps up with all the Javascript and CSS trends (how he does it is still a mystery) and can master a new tool in no time.

Egor Litvinov

Full-Stack Developer

Egor lives and breathes React, Django, databases and all those things that fly over your head when you read about them.

Ken Yagi

Support and Junior Developer

Ken's an all-arounder who will answer your email one minute and then whip up your newsletter the next. Is there anything this man can't do...